Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fashion Assessment 001

Okay, I just really have to say this, when it comes to wearing something, you have to be sure that the dress really looks good on you. I noticed some people wear clothes not because it fits good, but just because they thought they just want to be in with the world.

Hey people, being fashionable is not about going with the norm or something like being alike with everybody else. For me, being fashionable is being yourself.

Anyway, I saw some photos of dresses I'd love to wear one day. But to keep everything balanced, I also have one that I wouldn't want to wear at any occassion, at all cost.

So here, I love the blue dress below. I got the picture at MetroFashion.Com. I love how it fits, and yeah, the color is soothing in the eye. I also love the simplicity of the dress. Oh, I believe that the simpler, the better. But of course, not at all times. By the way, the dress is an A for me.

On the other hand, here's Miss Glee wore at the recently concluded Grammy's. I love the dress. I love the shoes, and yeah, the make up as well. Oh, did you see how it managed to create a sexy image of the one wearing it? Well, it's an A+ for me.

Okay, I love Taylor Swift. In fact, I can say I am a fan. She's evidently pretty but I just hate the gown. It isn't flattering at all. She must have worn something else. Well, as for me, I won't take the chance of wearing the gown. There's something in it that doesn't amaze me. Oh well, that's a C for me. (The last two pictures were from ThinkFashion.Com)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This blog is intended for people who love the world of fashion.

Fashion fanatics are so welcome in here. This blog is welcoming your fashion critiquing and analysis.

This blog evidently believes that, FASHION IS FANTASTIC! Thus named, FASHIONASTIC.

So let the fashion guru unveils her ins and outs.

Let the fashion blogging begin!